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Our Mission

our objectives are  to work to the best possible standards giving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

we want to welcome our customers back knowing that we have served them well and that they can recommend us to others. 

Terms & Conditions

these days it hardly seems to matter what one is doing online, before we are required to tick that we agree with the terms & conditions, or that we agree to the privacy policy or that we accept the use of cookies. often these conditions and policies are so long that if we were to read through them there is a good chance that the preceding link times out.

we understand that we are required to have these things in place. we apologise for the length of our privacy policy but aim to keep our terms & conditions short and simple. in so doing we hope that we can all apply the concepts of common-sense and reasonableness.

service and repairs

in common with many independent garages we usally fit pattern parts. throughout the industry, this trend has come about because of the significantly higher price of original manufacturers parts. unless you specify that only original manufacturers parts are to be used and that you are willing to pay the extra costs we will use our discretion on your behalf to buy quality parts at reasonable prices.


please note that if your vehicle is under manufacturer's warranty although we can service and repair it, we may be required to only fit original manufacturers parts in order to protect your warranty.

when we service or repair your car we prefer to purchase any necessary parts on your behalf. this is not because it gives us a chance to make extra money, it is because it is quite common for manufacturers to use different parts suppliers for the same models, so what appear to be two identical cars may, for example, have different brake pads. when we order parts on your behalf our suppliers will usually notify us when there are options, they will supply us with all options, we use what is needed and the other parts are returned without charge. this means that time is not lost un-necessarily. if you already have the parts, or for whatever reason you wish to provide the parts, we must point out that if such parts are not appropriate there will be added costs.

cars are mechanical - wear & tear and parts failures are a reality. if parts are mis-fitted they can be damaged. for this reason few parts suppliers will not provide any form of guarantee on electrical parts and may only offer very limited guarantees on other parts. because we have an ongoing relationship with our suppliers in such situations we may be better placed to obtain replacement parts.

unless specifically agreed in advance, we ask for payment in full on completion of the work either by electronic bank transfer, card payment or in cash. 

we aim to do our best at all times but we are human and sometimes we may make a mistake. if and when this happens we undertake to inform you immediately and to reach agreement with you on the best way to correct matters to your satisfaction.


car sales

to be continued