Tow-bar Fitting

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the first question when considering fitting a tow-bar to your vehicle, is whether your car is suited to the purpose for which you would like it to be able to tow. for good reason there are safety guidelines and regulations on the weight that can be safely towed. driver licensing regulations have also changed and some categories that were previously granted automatically now require the passing of a test. towing a trailer is one of these.


here in the uk there are several established tow-bar manufacturers who each make quality bars in a variety of designs. the reality is that the complexity of fitting the physical bar to the vehicles chassis varies considerably. similarly access to the wiring loom to connect up the electrical connections is sometimes easier than others.

if you are considering a tow-bar for your vehicle we recommend that you research all the options and make your choice of kit specifications. here at ashford car care we have the capability to fit tow-bars so if you would like someone to fit it, give us a call.